We assist our students to achieve their dream of studying at an international higher education institute of repute. Our partner network consists of 840 educational institutions, including universities, colleges, boarding schools and language schools. We assist students with  the complex admission process; to enrol for  academic programs, from secondary education, university preparation and further upto post-graduation at world-class institutes.

We’ve been engaged as the official representative of well-known international cultural exchange and educational program providers, for the below:

  • vacation courses for juniors and adults;
  • specialized courses;
  • professional development programs;
  • degree programs.
The most of our programs are presented in the USA, but we also cooperate with such European countries as the UK, Malta, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Netherlands, France and others on request.

We regularly organise meetings, conferences and workshops for our target market. Our marketing team delivers presentations at leading schools and institutes, to inform students about their best available international career options. Working closely with schools and colleges, we organise on-campus international student recruitment activities. Advertisements for our range of services are done on radio, local TV, billboards and social media. A large number of our institutional partners organise in-office activities for students seeking overseas higher education. Also, we actively participate in international educational events as well as visit our institute partner campuses, across Europe and America.